Pilot Plant -Artists in CAS-
Born in 1975, Osaka. Received BA, Fine Arts at Middlesex University, England in 2001. Devoted to performing and installation works during her studying in London and became a remarkable artist after coming back to Japan, having a solo show in CAS , being inroduced in Kobe Art Annual, exhibition 'Komorebi' in Mito, etc. In performance 'SEA', she silently crocheted an 8-meter-across lace work. Her installlation 'Dream Island' showed a mingled world of artificial things and nature. Received Ray Finnis Award in 1999. Accepted for Shiseido ADSP in 2002.

Gallery 291 and others (UK), The third International Experimental and Performing Arts Festival in St.Petersburg ( Russia)

2001 The Arch (UK), Blank Hunting /Shimotakaido Market (Tokyo)
2002 Solo show /CAS (Osaka), OBP (Osaka), Kobe art annual /Kobe art village center (Hyogo)
2003 Solo show /Krinzinger Projekte (Austria), KOMOREBI /Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito (Ibaraki) , Cafe y Galeria Kazahana (Aichi)
2004 Osaka Art Kaleidoscope /CASO and others, Art Court Frontier 2004 /ARTCOURT Gallery (Osaka)

OTA Takamitsu
Born in 1980, Osaka. Graduated with BA from Seian University of Art and Design in 2004.


TIME SLIP -Let's build! Let's play!-
The toy of the Edo period/ Otsu City Museum of History(Shiga)

Seian University of Art and Design CG-class Promotion/Gallery Sowaka


Seian University of Art and Design graduation production exhibition/Biwako Otsukan(Shiga)

Born in Toyama, 1956. Quitted Faculty of Fine Arts, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts in 1981. Joined a performance art group 'Kyotentai' in his undergraduated. Later on in 'Water series', etc, known as an artist who works with materials which are hard to be settled, like water, lights or heat. Also working with Souichi ARICHI. Their unit works 'Luminous series' and 'Reflex series' showed us something familiar in our city life, such as a flourescent lamp or prejector, marvelously in different ways. Chairperson of CAS.
2000 Solo show /Gallery Iteza (Kyoto), Collaboration /Musoukan (Kobe), Study by Art, Play at Art /Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art , Puddles / EI House and others (Belgium, Germany)
2001 To the silence for 3 minutes sake /Jyujyoh Square (Tokyo), Puddles /Kunstlerhaus Dortmund and others (Germany)
2002 Solo show /Shin-pu-kan (Kyoto), Solo show /Hiro Chikashige gallery (Okayama), Art, Time, Music/CASO(Osaka)
2003 SENTO Project/Nikko Onsen (Osaka)

Born in Tokyo, 1973. Received MFA., Fine Arts at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2000. Her graduated work 'Honey, Beauty and Tasty' was like a DJ performance, she was licking dropping honey on a record. After replayed in CAS, this fascinating performance won the praise around Europe. On video work 'Kenka-bearing flowers', her expression of mixture of eroticism and childishness meets femininity to give birth.
2000 Solo show /CAS (Osaka), APPLE-N-mark collection/Warehouse for Art at Nagoya Port (Nagoya), Collaboration /Gallery Rasen ( Tokyo),

2001 Collaboration /Yokohama Triennale (Kanagawa ), Barbican Art Gallery and others (UK), Künstlerhaus and others (Germany, Belgium, Poland)
Arcus Project (Ibaraki)
2002 Criterium (Solo show) /Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito (Ibaraki), Arcus Tokyo Exhibition (Tokyo), AIT HOUR MUSEUM /the site, forrmerly Sakuragawa elementary school (Tokyo), @port (Nagoya), Centre de Cultura Contemporaria de Barcelona (Spain)
2003 Solo show /CAS (Osaka), Vision's program/Vision's gallery (Tokyo), ASAHI Art Colllaboration (Tokyo)

connection/Gallery Arte (Kagawa), Govett-Brewster Art Gallery (New Zealand) (upcoming)

Born in Hyogo, 1960. Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts with BA in 1983.
In her project held across Japan 'Things I have, Things and I', she took photographs of people with something related to and meaningful for them on their hands. In 'DUST PRINT' dust is used as a pigment which times and places have made. 'MATERIAL PICTURE' shows smashed motifs as one of pigments. These works reflect her consistent view on state or relationship between self and others as outside world, and between people and materials.
1997 Art Vision (Solo show) /Nariwa Museum (Okayama), Art Labyrinth II-Memories of Time /Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art 
2000 Puddles/TENT(Holland)
2001 Commons Festa 2001(Solo Show)/Outenin(Osaka)
2002 Theatre of Our Lives /Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
2003 Solo show /STUDIO EARKA (Osaka), Solo show /Lustre Hall (Hyogo)

Born in Osaka. Received MFA, Pratt Institute in USA in 2002.


"Visible/Invidsible"/Pratt Studio Galleryl(USA),
Mind The Gap:Art from both sides of the Atlantic/Stuben Gallery(USA)


Beyond the gates/Art in General(USA),
M.F.A.2002/Williamsburg Art & Historical Center(USA),
9.11/Schafler Gallery(USA)


1000 of Drawings/Artists Space(USA),
Independent CASO exhibition/CASO(Osaka),
Lancaster Film & New Media Featival/(UK),
Edible Book Festival/The Center for Book Art(USA)

Born in Saitama, 1967. Received MFA., Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1993.
In 1999, still undergraduated, she made a striking debut at 'Endless Abacus', which is an abacus 180 meters long. Her way of giving a slight change on stationery like pencils or scales and taking an original purpose from them has a sense of humor and irony. She presents work of art, no longer 'materials'; in series of 'Open Bank Account' and 'Mini-Investment', states of each individual in social system is focused, and her exhibition of cerificates and school reports shows her point of view upon existing systems around us.
2000 Solo show /CAS(Osaka), Solo show /Akiyama Gallery(Tokyo), Art inTokyo /Itabashi Art Museum (Tokyo), Department Store of Contemporary Art /Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of ART, Osaka Municipal Space of Art, FRAMING /Gallery Rasen ( Tokyo)
2001 Solo show /M gallery (Tochigi), Puddles /Cuba-Cultur (Germany)
2002 Solo show /Zlatno Oko (Yugoslavia), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, NOT general/Sai Gellery (Osaka), Gloss Magazine /NADiff (Tokyo), Sutton Gallery (Australia), Blind Date /Kunsthallen
Brandts (Denmark)
2003 Solo show /M gallery (Tochigi), she_sroty_loop /Goethe Institut Kyoto, Hiratuka Museum of Art, Gallery Objective Correlative (Tokyo)
2004 VOCA /Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo)

Born in Kyoto, 1974. Graduated with BA from Kyoto University of Art and Design in 1999. In 2004 entranced Inter Media Art course of Graduate school of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
In 1999 her graduation work made of naphthalene and modeled in clothes won a chancellor prize. Her works gradually fade out and lose their shapes. Her viewpoint is on something to change and short-lived. Received Kyoto Selected New Arts and Crafts 2004.
2001 Solo show/Gallery Gallery (Kyoto)
2002 Solo show/neutron gallery (Kyoto), ART SYNAPSE 2002 /Gallery Maronie (Kyoto)
2003 Solo show/neutron gallery(Kyoto), Solo show/CAS (Osaka (selected by Hiromasa Yagi, curetor of The Suiboku Museum, Toyama)), Selected by the 7th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists, The 10th Contemporary Art from Galleries 2003 /Osaka Contemporary Art Center
2004 2004 Selected Artists in Kyoto ~2004 New Wave~ /The Museum of Kyoto, Art Space NIJI (Kyoto), Solo show/neutron gallery(Kyoto), Art Court Frontier 2004 /ARTCOURT Gallery (Osaka)

Born in Hyogo, 1975. Graduated from Department of Photography, Visual Arts Academy in 1996.
Her self-portraited work 'Room of Love' got focused. It is a series of her acting women with stories took in love hotels. Later on, in 'Sweet Life' and 'Costume play-Bride Series' she is pursueing 'What is love?' or 'What is gender/sextuality?'. Her eyes in her work are defiant and seemed to ask the same questions to us. Received Special Award in New Cosmos of Photography 1997.
1999 Solo show /CAS (Osaka), Private Room II /Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito (Ibaraki)
2001 KYOZON /Kamloop Art Gallery (Canada)
2002 10th New Cosmos of Photography /Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2003 Solo show/CAS (Osaka), Consious /ARTCOURT Gallery (Osaka), Osaka MINOLTA Photo Space, 10th New Cosmos of Photography /CASO (Osaka), Sendai Mediatheque (Miyagi)
2004 Solo show/CAS (Osaka)