Pilot Plant - Showa was far away.
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Date: Sat, 9 Apr. 2011 - Fri, 29 Apr. 2011
Time: 14:00 - 19:00 (Close: Wed. and Thu.)
Space: CASroomA.
3rd floor A.I.R.1963 Bdg.,
1-2-25 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Cooperation: roomA.
Opening reception: Sat. 9 Apr. 18:00~(500JPY with one drink )
Auction: Sat., 30 Apr. 2011 16:00- [Open at 14:00]
Sponsored by NAMBA DE ART NO KAI

"Pilot Plant-Showa Era has become the far past."

We are pleased to present Pilot Plant-Showa Era has become the far past, a series of works, cross a range of media, including calligraphy, drawing, painting, book art, performance, video, sculpture, and mixed media. All those works by 21 artist who have shown their works at NPO CAS and Room A.

In last year, ARAKAWA Shusaku, HARIU Ichiro, YOSHIDA Minoru, SAKAKI Bakuzan, Sigmar Polke, and Louise Bourgeois...many artists who can mention them "artists in my Showa Era" in fine arts passed away. At the dinner party of CAS, people spoke about them and recollected their works. They felt that "Showa Era also became faraway." Then, the exhibition on the theme of Showa Era was planned. The title of the exhibition was named after "Meiji Era became faraway" which is based on the vogue phrase in the Showa 40s. This was employed from the 31-syllable Japanese poem by Kusatao Nakamura. "The falling snow and Meiji Era became the faraway past. "

On the following the final day, April 30th, we will have auction of the art works. A part of auction's sales will go to support disaster relief efforts in Japan. If you would like to help, you can participate in our auction by facsimile. Thank you for your support.

AOKI Makiko in 2010
IMAI Norio in 2011
OHNO Hiroshi in 2011
OKAMOTO Mitsuhiro in 2010
KUNITANI Takashi in 2008
SASAOKA Takashi in 2011
Science Club Invisible in 2008
TANAKA Syusuke roomA.
TUKAMOTO Yasuko in 2006
TOMINAKA Kiko in 2007
TOYOSHIMA Yasuko in 2004
NAKANOSAI Toshihiro in 2001
NAKAMAE Hirohumi in 1998
HIRAMATSU Nobuyuki in 2008
Fujiki Masanori in 2008
FUNADA Kayo in 2010
MYOKAI Yosuke roomA.
MORII Kenta roomA.
YAMAMOTO Tamaki in 2009
YOKOI Yu roomA.
YOSHIMURA Kumazo roomA.